Platforms & System Requirements

The Asbru Website Manager is very flexible regarding the web hosting platform with minimal system requirements:

Web Browser
Website Visitors Any standard compliant web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera or Mozilla.
Website Administrators Microsoft Internet Explorer (v4.0 or newer) on Windows or Netscape (v7.1 or newer), Mozilla (v1.3 or newer) or Mozilla Firefox/Firebird (v0.7 or newer) on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix or Safari (v2.0.1 or newer) on Macintosh OS X Tiger is required for What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get content editing.
Simple text and HTML code content editing is built-in for other web browsers.
Web Hosting
Operating System

Microsoft Windows, Macintosh (OS X), Linux or Unix.

Web Server Microsoft Internet Information Server, Apache or compatible standard web server (with access and permissions to copy files to your web server and your website directory/folder through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or Microsoft Networking or similar for installation of the Website Manager software).
Application Server Programming Language

ASP and PHP. (With file create and write permissions for all your website files and folders for the Asbru Website Manager system web server process/user).

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Asbru Web Content Management v12.2 available now.
(.NET, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
Personal, Small Business, Professional and Hosting Edition web content management software for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix.

Asbru E-Commerce, Community, Databases and Statistics Add-On modules v12.2 available now.
(.NET, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
E-Commerce, Community, Databases and Statistics Add-On modules for the Asbru Web Content Management system software.

Asbru Website Manager v11.1.3 available now.
(ASP and PHP versions).
Ready to use and easy to use, cross-browser and cross-platform website manager software for updating your website pages using only your web browser.

Asbru Web Content Editor v11.1.3 available now.
(ASP, .NET, ColdFusion, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
Cross-browser and cross-platform WYSIWYG HTML editor for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Safari on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix.

Affiliates & Partners
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